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Bablu Dablu Cubs 4



Bablu Dablu Cubs 4 picks back up where it left off and follows a young Vick, who finds a magic portal in a tree leading to Pine Tree Kindergarten. Here he has endless fun with his classmates. The new season introduces a forest town in order to enrich the animated world. This allows more space for creativity and character development, which in turn will strike a chord with younger audiences. As before, the show focuses on emotional growth while teaching children about nature, science and daily life. Values such as happiness, ambition, self-confidence, friendship, bravery and sharing are presented in the show’s educational and fun-packed stories. With increasingly well-crafted scenes and adorable characters, audiences will be relaxed and entertained while they learn.

  • Durations: 26 Episodes, 13 Minutes
  • Release: 2020

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