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Emergency Couple

Romance, Drama


While in their early twenties, a medical school student, Oh Chang-min, and a dietitian, Oh Jin-hee, fall in love and marry despite his family's strong opposition.Chang-min comes from a family of wealthy, successful doctors who believe Jin-hee is not good enough for him. Differences crop among the couple and eventually get a divorce. Six years later, Chang-min goes back to med school, while Jin-hee has also put herself through med school. They end up as interns at the same hospital, where they will have to work in the emergency room together for 3 months.

  • Cast: Song Ji-hyo , Choi Jin-hyuk , Lee Pil-mo , Choi Yeo-jin , Clara
  • Durations: 42 Episodes, 30 Minutes
  • Release: 2014
  • Rating: 7.4/10

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