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El Continental

Action, Drama


A story of passion and violence, of power struggles between rival gangs. An atmosphere in which love, ambition and secrecy will play leading roles, and in which Andrea will become a new woman. The action takes place in the year 1922. Spain is now a country trying to imitate the rest of Europe and make itself “fashionable”. At least that was Alfonso’s intention when setting up his new club, “El Continental”. A smart Café which is a little pretentious for its time; a night club with big band, where clandestine dealings of the time are done, and the glamour of high society is on show. To finance it, Alfonso has turned to moneylenders for help, trusting that the business will do well and enable him to pay off the debt. But everything goes against him and the club fails to take off, with life-changing consequences for both him and his daughter Andrea. To pay off her father’s debt, Andrea is plunged into the shady world of morphine trafficking, using the club as cover.

  • Cast: Michelle Jenner,Álex García, Roberto Álamo
  • Durations: 20 Episodes, 30 Minutes
  • Release: 2018
  • Rating: 5.5/10

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