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The Optimists

Adventure, Drama, History


The early 1960s. The Soviet Union is experiencing a bright Khrushchev-era, full of hope. A group of young diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs come face to face with world-changing global events: the downing of the U2 spy plane, the Berlin crisis, the flight of the famous space dogs, the secret shipment of Soviet missiles to Cuba. Before long, these wide-eyed idealists find themselves deep in the breathtaking world of spy games, mortal dangers, and brilliant political maneuvering. Along the way, however, our young heroes private lives take stunning turns as well, affecting their hopes, ambitions, and above all their dream of world peace.

  • Cast: Vladimir Vdovichenkov,Severija Janusauskaite, Artyom Bystrov
  • Durations: 26 Episodes, 30 Minutes
  • Release: 2017
  • Rating: 6.8/10

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