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Kkondae Intern

Drama, Comedy


Like Samson after losing his hair, an old-school manager becomes meek when he loses his job. On the other hand, a gentle supervisor becomes haughty when the manager shows up in his life and he feels anxious. They experience a bloody struggle for existence in their respective positions, and end up creating an alliance with young people to survive. In the process “old-school people” and “children nowadays” start understanding each other. The two old-school men desperately make an effort not to be seen as old-school, and they develop into real adults, not just old-school men.

  • Cast: Park Hae-Jin, Eung-soo Kim, Han Ji-Eun
  • Durations: 30 Episodes, 30 Minutes
  • Release: 2020
  • Rating: 7.4/10

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